On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 07:20:57PM +0200, Daniel Beulshausen wrote : 
> At 20:15 24.07.2001 +0200, Markus Fischer wrote:
> >I've come up with a patch based on the ideas and suggestion that
> >came up in this thread:
> >
> >- Let the fd_set resource keep track of the highest socket; nuked
> >   _select() first parameter and determine it ourself
> >- Swapped _set(), _clear() and _isset() parameters and
> >   recognize plain sockets as well as array of sockets
> >
> >The patch is against current CVS and only compiled unter linux
> >(debian unstable) so far.
> >
> >Please everyone interested test and verify it and let me know
> >what you think. Due my lack of karma I can't commit it anyway,
> >feel free to do so if you find it appropriate.
> please let me know wether the attached patch fixes your concerns.

It works fine!

I had another patch (which is obsolete now) which a) let the user
pass 0 (or NULL) for all fd set resources to socket_select()
(which is perfectly valid because that way you can wait a
specified amount of time in seconds and finer) and which also allowed
to zero an array of fd set resources.

Do you think you can take on that changes ?

- Markus

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