On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 12:12:43AM +0200, Daniel Beulshausen wrote : 
> At 23:25 25.07.2001 +0200, Markus Fischer wrote:
> >It works fine!
> >
> >I had another patch (which is obsolete now) which a) let the user
> >pass 0 (or NULL) for all fd set resources to socket_select()
> >(which is perfectly valid because that way you can wait a
> i don't think this is needed, it would behave like (u)sleep ( besides that 
> it won't work under win32 :) )

Hehe, oh well ....

> >specified amount of time in seconds and finer) and which also allowed
> >to zero an array of fd set resources.
> not sure about this one, but if (we want to do this) we should determine 
> for which fd functions it would make sense too (i.e. socket_fd_free)

I give a +1 for _zero() and _clear() for being the second
parameter an array of resources instead of just one.

- Markus (likes seeing this commited soon :)

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