> > The new version (renamed, cleaned up) is fairly new, so it should be fine
> > to do that.
> While we're at it, wouldn't it be more intuitiv to modify the
> socket_fd_*() calls to accept the fd_set resource as first
> parameter and the fd to add or remove as second parameter ?

No problem with that request. I'll still get them confused though. :)

> For socket_fd_set() I'ld also vote to let the second parameter be
> a single socket or an array of sockets (when you're dealing with
> many connection you're likely holding them in an array than in
> separate vars); same for socket_fd_clear(). Maybe, but I haven't
> thought more about it, it would make sense for _isset() [after
> writing this sentence I think not :) ].

*_set() and *_clear() it makes sense to accept an array for. *_isset(),
OTOH, it doesn't. "Oh, I want to know if any of the fds 5, 6, 7, or 8 are
set"... somehow that doesn't seem quite kosher. :)


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