On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:

> At 13:41 15-08-01, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> > > If you feel like bickering, go on bicker and make populist statements as
> > > much as you'd like, just let the rest of us do what we're good at, which is
> > > developing PHP.  Perhaps setting up a separate mailing list like Sterling
> > > suggested, a-la [EMAIL PROTECTED] isn't such a bad idea.
> >
> >     Thanks for proving that you are not interested in a dialogue.
> If bickering is your definition of dialogue then all I can say is - you're
> quite welcome!

    What's your definition of dialogue?  I'm more than welcome to accomidate you,
    and Zend, so we can get these issues resolved instead of having
    these constant bad feelings.  The reason I'm speaking out is that
    its beginning to make PHP something that is no longer enjoyable to
    develop for -- and the project is important enough to me -- that I'd
    rather see this resolved to some level than just forget it all

    I would be happy to talk on a temporary list, which could perhaps
    contain all interested parties -- or all effected parties (invite
    only, to make it a smaller group).


    Ps: Jani sometimes I feel the same way, but ignore this problem is
    just going to make it bigger, its been ignored for awhile now, and
    is slowly causing an explosion.

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