At 13:39 16-08-01, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> >  From the annotated license:
> > "Any technique is acceptable for keeping changes separate - generally, you
> > would have to mark changes very clearly for them to be separate. We don't
> > want to hard-code the idea that the form must be patches. "
>     And that is exactly what they did.  They explicitly suggest
>     using patches.  You are not safe to use anything else,
>     because the interpretation of 'separateness' can differ
>     from court to court.  While courts usually listen to a
>     license author's interpretation, the wording here needs
>     improvements in order to meet the meaning of the "Annotated
>     License..As Applied To The Qt Free Edition Version 2.0".

Could be.  Chances are that with the company who wrote the license 
explaining what it meant the way it did, it'll be an uphill battle to fight 
against it.


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