> 2. If all of the current PHP and Zend core developers die in a fire at
> a convention, can the codebase continue, or will the ZE possibly become the
> property of somebody who could demand $1,500 (USD) per server for licensing,
> and lock down the source, thus killing PHP and Zend?
.oO(what is your plan? ;)
well, since the rights of use of the zend engine are allready there,
no one could say "now you have to pay 1,500 U$".

> 3. Is the Zend license preventing useful submissions from people who
> write damn good code, but are FSF believers/zealots, so they refuse to
> contribute, because it doesn't have the RMS seal of approval?

> 4. If an alternate engine was written, would it be possible to use
> with PHP? Could an engine be written from Zend code, or would it
> have to be clean-room code, and if so, from what version of PHP?
yes it could be used, and no, you couldnt use Zend Engine as Base for that.

> 5. If, say, Microsoft beats Zeev and Andi in a Redmond basement for
> three weeks, until they sign away all rights with bloody, mangled
> hands, can PHP go forward, or does it have to back up? (See the
> tim robbins "antitrust" movie... he becomes a software giant through
> artful purchasing, and the occasional assasination...)
the license for the of ZE with PHP is giving rights to the community,
noone is able to take them away, if ZE would be sold bei Zend,
the new owner could make a license wich gives more rights to community,
but not one which gives less...

> 6. If a core member goes insane, can they damage PHP without
> being held in check somehow? If half the core dies, is it distributed
> enough that the other half can continue?
if someone where able to erase all copys of the CVS and the PHP Source and...
see every CD where PHP is on, every copy of the source that is anywhere is a
backup copy of PHP...

> Core to the license debate:
> 7. Can the Q license currently used be adapted to meet the needs/fears
> of GPL/BSD and similar folks, without compromising the Zend Tech needs
> for having a saleable product? (there's quite a few licenses out there...)
> from what I understand, Stallman's complaint are the credits clauses,
> others are worried about selling closed source (ironically, isn't a
> Zend package designed specifically for this pupose?)....
there are more reasons like this,
there have a lot of discussions here, on meetings,
and on LinuxTag in Stuttgart.
the License will not change right now,
maybe in Future.. but, we should give some time to Zend
to think about. If every day (and by now it is nearly everyday) there is a
discussion about
i wouldnt change the license too.
hey, give them some time..

btw: Zeev? what License will ZE2...... ;)

> Core to the debate debate:
> 8. Do some people just need to shoot off some steam, and accomodate
> others who do? I get 1000+ emails a day, this is nothing in comparison.
> Of course, I also go days without reading certain lists, which helps.
if some discussions get this hot like the discussions here, it is just natural
there is a lot of steam ;)

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