At 13:19 16-08-01, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> > Having now re-read the Q license a few times, the PHP license a few
> > times, this seems unrelated to licensing, and more related to
>     You might want to reread the QPL then.  The important point
>     is clause 3 which prohibits distributing changes, unless they
>     are provided as patches.  This is highly unpractical, because
>     it even does not permit you to run a CVS server where
>     something simple as browsing the CVS using Chora or doing a
>     checkout would already constitute distributing the changes.
>     So, any source-code which is under the QPL will hardly
>     become a source for further external development, because the
>     changes are unmaintainable.

 From the annotated license:
"Any technique is acceptable for keeping changes separate - generally, you 
would have to mark changes very clearly for them to be separate. We don't 
want to hard-code the idea that the form must be patches. "

(this is not an encouragement to make you fork, just pointing out that 
you're wrong).


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