Edin Kadribasic wrote:
> http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2001-08-13-009-20-OP
> This guy claims that PHP has been 'left in the dust' by ASP.NET.

Uh... if a viable, tested, deployed product was shipping, that may
eventually be substantiated.

Quick show of hands: Who has deployed an enterprise .NET architecture?

If it's in the the dust, why is it's marketshare peanuts compared to PHP?

> Edin
> From the article:

(Warning: venting below:)

> There will be Apache defenders who will bristle at the suggestion that it is
> a vanilla webserver. Look at PHP, they will say. PHP actually has greater
> market share than ASP. You can build fantastic web applications with PHP at
> a fraction of the cost of any commercial alternatives, including Microsoft.

Not to mention faster, more extensible, more open, with more choices in
backends, and it can be deployed on more stable serving platforms. :-)

>  That's great, but when will PHP grow to become something more than a web
> scripting language?

About two years ago.

> Where is the PHP enterprise component architecture?

Vague marketing speak. Do they want millions of prewritten code blocks
to call, so programmers can "write" code based on somebody else's
catch-all, do all, code, slowing the app down to glacial VB/ASP speeds?

They already exist for PHP, if you want 'em. You barely have to
write an include (use/call/whatever) statement, and there's thousands
posted to www.php.net laready. If you don't want the horrible pain
of downloading 5 lines of code, PEAR is building out generic catch-all
objects and components, so you can use code not optimized for your
individual needs.

> What
> about clustering and failover?

Neither IIS nor apache offer true (coming from a VMS standpoint)
clustering. However, I am doing web server clustering already
with PHP, ldap, and postgresql.

> Where are the WSDL and UDDI implementations?

Ah, buzzword wars. Why not ask why PHP doesn't support CASE or
ROSE? (Because the skill of a technology in performing
a task is unrelated to which buzzword of the day is adopted.)

> Don't show me bits and pieces here and there.

Fine. Don't ask for components, then.

> Show me a framework.

Linux (base) Apache (web server) LDAP (auth) Postgres/MySQL (storage).

> Show me a
> reference implementation.

Now show me a high-speed ASP.NET site, with 20+ failover sites, 8+
languages, all running off of a common ASP code base... with less than
30 single CPU machines.

> Show me a friendly interface.


> Not there yet? So
> PHP has been left in the dust as well, while ASP is morphing into ASP.NET,
> the browser delivery front-end of the Microsoft web services platform.

FUD. And bad marketing flames. Maybe they wanted to bump up their hit count?


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