Problem #1

Text diff is not working at Chora, at least with IE 5.00,
as it thinks that it needs to display XML content, and
just prints out an XML error. Just the Human readable one
works... :((

Problem #2

Someone reported a Chora error at [EMAIL PROTECTED] It
seems he uses Konqueror, and Chora can't find the default
language file to display for him:

| Warning: Undefined index: defaults
| in /usr/local/www/chora.php.net/horde/lib/Lang.php on line 42
| Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by
| (output started at /usr/local/www/chora.php.net/horde/lib/Lang.php:42)
| in /usr/local/www/chora.php.net/horde/lib/Lang.php on line 64
| [snip]

Problem #3

I tried to reach the old CVSWeb interface at
http://cvsweb.php.net/ but it tries to open some PHP
programs, and just don't work.

These things need to be addressed.


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