At 22:31 19-08-01, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > Maybe Chora puts out an XML content type header, or
> > something, that makes IE think this is XML (as it
> > is not). I can't see the source, as IE just denies
> > to show the source in such cases saying "The XML
> > source file is unavailable for viwing). Please ask,
> > if more information is needed
>IE is a completely useless web browser.

That's why 75% of our users and like 90% of the Web uses it, eh? :)

>   It does not honour mime types and
>simply uses the file extension and/or any client-side file type
>associations.  Chora is doing the right thing.  On that com.xml URL you
>posted it is sending a text/plain Content-Type header.  The fact that IE
>choosed to pass text/plain to an internal XML parser is just one more
>reason you should never use IE for web browsing.  You never know what the
>thing is going to do.  I would not suggest changing Chora in any way with
>this respect.

'Hadin Yikov Et Hahar'.  I wish I knew how to translate that :)


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