ZS>> That's why 75% of our users and like 90% of the Web uses it, eh? :)

Well, we all know that millions of lemmings can't be wrong, but the fact
is that MSIE is pretty crappy browser. The much more sad fact is that the
rest of browsers (which makes 2 or 3 of them) are more crappy (some of
them order of magnitude more crappy).

ZS>> >   It does not honour mime types and
ZS>> >simply uses the file extension and/or any client-side file type
ZS>> >associations.  Chora is doing the right thing.  On that com.xml URL you

It does even worse. It tries to guess file type from the content. I hope
somebody will invent some worm that uses this misfeature so that they
would finally fix it...

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