> At 23:37 22-08-01, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I've got an experimental beginning of the new rand functions ready. I
> >it's good if others can comment on it before it is finished, because the
> >course can be changed now quite easily, but when it's all done, I don't
> >much about doing that...
> Do you need the branch the whole directory?

It involves basic_func*, *math*, *rand* and *array* files (* are wildcards,
not exclamation markings) files. And of course Makefile too.
And probably some others too. That makes quite a significant portion of that
directory. It is way much easier to branch the whole dir...

> We usually (read: always) don't use branches for development, i.e., we
> don't use branches that are planned to eventually merge in.  That's
> CVS's branch handling leaves a lot to be desired...  It may be ok in this
> case, where the chances of somebody else committing something that would
> clash with your changes are very slim, but I think you're better off
> branching just the file or couple of files which you're modifying.

Currently it only compiles as non-ZTS, Linux stand-alone executable, and not
much else, definitely not windows, ZTS, and as module. This will remain so
for quite a time, I guess. That means that the main branch will be broken
for those situations for quite a time, and I don't think that's a good idea.

> >So, should I branch ext/standard under the name 'EXPERIMENTAL', or
> >'RAND_CHANGE', or something else?
> EXPERIMENTAL is way too general to be good for such a purpose...  I'd try
> and use a fairly descriptive name, which is unlikely to be used again in
> the future.


> Zeev

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