At 23:48 22-08-01, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
>It involves basic_func*, *math*, *rand* and *array* files (* are wildcards,
>not exclamation markings) files. And of course Makefile too.
>And probably some others too. That makes quite a significant portion of that
>directory. It is way much easier to branch the whole dir...
>Currently it only compiles as non-ZTS, Linux stand-alone executable, and not
>much else, definitely not windows, ZTS, and as module. This will remain so
>for quite a time, I guess. That means that the main branch will be broken
>for those situations for quite a time, and I don't think that's a good idea.

If it's such a far reaching change, I suggest you simply send the diff the 
php-dev.  It should be enough to be a basis for a discussion on the 
proposed changes.  If we decide to go through with it, it should be 
committed to the main branch, and fixed so that it would work everywhere 
(or find a working solution to keep the tree in a working 
state).  Branching away for long periods in the hope of merging back in is 
not a good idea.


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