> If it's such a far reaching change, I suggest you simply send the diff the
> php-dev.  It should be enough to be a basis for a discussion on the
> proposed changes.  If we decide to go through with it, it should be

At this time, it's merely a big move-around with code, no single thing of
functionality has been changed, though you can see already how it will be

> committed to the main branch, and fixed so that it would work everywhere
> (or find a working solution to keep the tree in a working
> state).  Branching away for long periods in the hope of merging back in is
> not a good idea.

The merging was not the reason: ext/standard is - what rand concerns - quite
silent, so that's really a non-issue. I was hoping for a bit of concurrent
development, with someone with more ZTS knowledge then myself. This won't
happen if I merely send in the diffs. I notice that second propal didn't get
any reactions, even after repeated personal mails (hint...). Therefore, I
don't have much hope that it yields any useful comment.

However, if I change in CVS - even if it is a branch - I touch the holy body
of PHP, and people will look at it. It also has more historical importance,
changes are logged more carefully, for future reference. Mailing list
archives are not useful to use as reference.

Simply committing at once with: "rewrite everything that has to do with
rand" won't be any useful. 80% of the diff is the moving of code, and only
20% the real change. You also don't see what changed. Just as bad as mixing
WS fixes with real fixes.

And about time-span: I guess it - for working in one (my) situation a few
weeks at most, and another week for getting it to compile with ZTS etc,
totalling about a month or so.

> Zeev

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