At 14:20 11/12/2002, Shane Caraveo wrote:

  3.) Why this late discussion of the issue? The name of the sapi/cgi
      binary was changed months ago!
I did not choose to raise the issue at this time, but I agree completely with the opinion that it's a bad thing; It is my fault that I haven't raised it a few months ago when I noticed this change, but as you might have noticed, I wasn't involved at php-dev back then. But either way, the fact that it was changed months ago is meaningless. It never made it to a release, and it shouldn't make it to a release, and that's the important thing in my opinion.
I on the other hand do recall complaining about this issue, into the typical php-dev vacume. My strong suggestion at the time was to move things back to one binary, which i still beleive is the best solution, exactly for the ease of use issues that Zeev brings up.
After hashing this a bit on IRC and thinking about it, I tend to think that this is the only solution that makes sense and bug the tiniest amount of people. It may be ugly from a technical standpoint, but frankly, who cares? A dozen or so developers who know and care about what goes on in cgi_main.c. With any other solution, either we screw up the huge CGI community, or we screw up the CLI community (the size of which is subject to debate, but for the sake of the argument, let's assume it's big).

I'm +1 on remerging CLI back into CGI.


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