> Something like that is pretty stupid. It prevents having an implementation 
>> that's compatible with both, 5.6 and 7. And two versions of a package can't 
>> be installed side-by-side with Composer. New major versions of PSRs should 
>> definitely use new package names for that reason.
>> Regards, Niklas 
> This has been brought up a number of times already, and disregarding it as 
> "stupid" will not drive to a definitive solution.
> At PHPDay unconference, participants in the discussion deemed this as 
> generally not much of an issue, mostly because you already have to comply 
> to this constraint anyway: you can't install packages having incompatible 
> dependency graphs, so why bother trying to circumvent this limitation for 
> PSRs only?

It doesn't only affect PSRs, but it's probably worth doing it for them, 
because they're interfaces used by many packages and conflicts are thus 
very bad.

> While I understand and agree with the principle, in practice the chance of 
> having dependency issues due to migrations between major versions is very 
> high anyway.

So why increase the risk with PSRs if it can be avoided by using different 
package names for future versions of PSRs? It's perfectly fine to have two 
versions of an interface in different namespaces.

> That said, if we want to release entirely different PSRs for updated 
> versions (which would be arguably a cleaner solution), I think we need to 
> streamline the process and make it easier, because at the moment it's so 
> much of a PITA that nobody wants to do it.

It's something the FIG needs to solve then.

Regards, Niklas 

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