As per our bylaws (see, abandonment must 
be explicitly declared either by an abandonment vote, or by a secretary, 
but with some prerequisites:

 - missing editor or sponsor for more than 60 days (not the case here)
 - no activity in 6 months (not the case either, see commits on 

So yes, PSR-18 is not abandoned but in draft stage, as correctly stated in 
our repo/site:

Il giorno domenica 18 febbraio 2018 12:28:18 UTC+1, Stefano Torresi ha 
> As far as I know, PSR-18 has never been marked as abandoned, I don't even 
> think the requirements to do so have ever been satisfied. Could the 
> secretaries confirm, please?
> Il giorno gio 15 feb 2018 alle ore 08:47 Tobias Nyholm <
>> ha scritto:
>> Yeah, it has stalled for a few weeks. but we are working on it again. The 
>> specification looks good, we are currently deciding on an upgrade path from 
>> HTTPlug. We have a proposal that we think will work. I've invited a few to 
>> have a look on it (Sara included). If this small group think it is fine I 
>> will publish it so every one could give their comments. 
>> If no major issues are found I will move the PSR to review. 
>> Den onsdag 14 februari 2018 kl. 13:11:46 UTC+1 skrev Barry vd. Heuvel:
>>> Apologies, I now see that PSR-18 is referenced in the Sunshine meetings (
>>>!topic/php-fig/sjASl6ltjHI )
>>>> PSR - 18 HTTP Client (*Abandoned*)
>>>>    - Tobias identified an issue and will be notifying the group to 
>>>>    source needed changes.
>>>>       - Tobias is waiting on *Sara to offer feedback*.
>>>>    - This PSR needs 2 implementations to move forward.
>>>> Status abandoned, is that supposed to be Draft? As you are discussing 
>>> the issue with the group. Or are you in search of a new Editor?

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