one thing to note is the php-apc upload progress won't scale past one
server as far as i know.

if you have multiple webservers you'll be stuck.

you'd need some sort of ajax thing to actually check how many bytes
the file has written to, for example.

you also need to know how large the file is, which i do not believe is
transmitted normally to PHP, which is why there is this apc,
uploadprogress and other workarounds.

gears is pretty simple, requires no large buffers, POST sizes, memory
limits, etc. it's basically sending chunks of [definable] POST data
(like 512k at a time) which all webservers can handle and assembles it
on the server. works flawlessly even using shared NFS storage on my
three-node web cluster writing from different webservrers...

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 12:02 PM, Michael A. Peters <> wrote:
> Gevorg Harutyunyan wrote:
>> Hi guys
>> I need to create file upload progress bar using PHP and AJAX. I found two
>> Pecl extensions that support that may be used: "uploadprogress" and
>> "php-apc".
>> I asked my shared hosting provider to add that extensions, but my request
>> was declined, because "uploadprogress" is still BETA version and "php-apc"
>> dont works
>> fine with Fast-CGI version of PHP.
> uploadprogress is still beta but it works very well.
> It does still require client side scripting of some sort (JavaScript is what
> I use) but due to stateless nature of http that's just the way it is.
> uploadprogress does require php 5.2 or newer, that may be their issue.
> Anyway, when a host is not willing to provide what you need, it's time to
> find a new host.
> I've never tried php-apc.
> Another solution I've seen people do is use perl to process the file upload
> form. I don't like perl but it is a possible solution.
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