Gevorg Harutyunyan wrote:
Hi Michael,

Thanks for info.
I use shared hosting and reason that they don't allow that extension is that uploadprogress is still in beta. I tried both apc and uploadprogress on my local PC and solutions that they provide are very good for me.

I will be happy to change hosting provider and if you know any other hosting with those extensions please inform

I use linode - they give me a xen virtual host where I have root.
A xen virtual host from them is about $20 a month (more for additional IP's and lots of bandwidth/storage/etc).

In the past I have used ocshosting for shared serving and they were always willing to install what I needed, though I don't know that I ever asked them to install a beta component.

I did stop using them though because they changed servers to a different distro with a different GID/UID for the web server and did not preserve the GID/UID that apache runs under thus breaking all my apps (I don't do 777 directories or 666 files) in such a way that I had to file a trouble ticket to get the UID/GID of those files changed, because the new distro did not allow the users to run chown. But they were always happy to install what I needed when i asked.

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