Gevorg Harutyunyan wrote:
Hi guys

I need to create file upload progress bar using PHP and AJAX. I found two
Pecl extensions that support that may be used: "uploadprogress" and
I asked my shared hosting provider to add that extensions, but my request
was declined, because "uploadprogress" is still BETA version and "php-apc"
dont works
fine with Fast-CGI version of PHP.

uploadprogress is still beta but it works very well.
It does still require client side scripting of some sort (JavaScript is what I use) but due to stateless nature of http that's just the way it is.

uploadprogress does require php 5.2 or newer, that may be their issue.

Anyway, when a host is not willing to provide what you need, it's time to find a new host.

I've never tried php-apc.

Another solution I've seen people do is use perl to process the file upload form. I don't like perl but it is a possible solution.

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