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> Ok. You asked for it... I have to rant a bit get this off my chest as it
> has been bugging me for a while and this is not directed at anyone in
> particular.

    I'm noting "for a while here...."

> I do not appreciate it when there is doubt cast on my credibility. If I
> say that I am getting a different output from Google, for example, the
> that is what I am getting! And I certainly do not need to be told in
> sopohomoric terms what Google is or how it works - I am not that
> ignorant. Perhaps one should check as to what the input to Google was -
> to compare and find why there might be a discrepancy. This is jumping to
> conclusions without proper empirical research.

    First of all, Sally (it's not directed at you, PJ), if you want to
say that you're not casting this toward anyone, don't make it so
blindingly obvious.  I'm the one who said it, and I stand absolutely,
completely, and FIRMLY behind it.  You are just one of many, many,
many people who come through here asking extremely basic questions on
a list that assumes - yes, *assumes* - some prior technical knowledge.
 It is a technical list, not a "Complete Idiot's Guide to Keyboard
Character Mapping."  Now, by no means whatsoever does that insinuate
that I think you're an idiot, so if you're not familiar with the
series of books, don't take the title to heart; the publisher was not
thinking of you and your feelings when they put it on paper.

    Secondly, if you are getting a different response from Google,
Sally, then you didn't use the same input, and thus you may very well
need an explanation as to what a search engine is and how to use it
--- and it may very well make you ignorant.  People use "ignorant"
interchangeably with "moronic" or "inept," when it means nothing more
than that you were unaware or uninformed.  Ignorance is not always the
fault of the ignorant.

        > Perhaps one should check as to what the input to Google was -
        > to compare and find why there might be a discrepancy. This
is jumping to
        > conclusions without proper empirical research.

    Considering I *gave* PJ the search term to use at input, I'll
consider my research to be done, complete and accurate, to the best of
my knowledge and the collective knowledge of the community, as it's
publicly-archived in its entirety.  It's not jumping to conclusions
when the conclusions were already at our feet from the beginning.  The
answer was there before he even asked the question.

> Now, that I am started, I do notice that sometimes, in response to my
> questions, responders have not grasped the entire problem and pick on
> some small detail as a typo and forget the larger picture. I understand
> the importance of the details and the consequences of misplaced dots and
> other glitches (see "Brazil" the movie). I know I am rather impatient
> and thus make hasty typos; but I must note that I have also had answers
> that were flawed and where glitches were not caught; luckily, I did
> resolve problem by trying various alternatives. I guess I just don't
> like to be thought of as some bimbo.

    I read through all 157 of your posts to the various lists.  Yes,
exactly 157.  The responses you got from the PHP list in particular in
your rare and sporadic posts since 2007 were technical responses,
perhaps of varying quality, but DAMN good for an all-volunteer
community.  If you made a typo, big deal --- it happens.  If someone
chooses to "pick on it," then go have a nice cry and come back fresh.
It's not at all minimizing your skill and ability, nor making you look
like a "bimbo."

    If you expect to receive *only* high-quality answers and will
criticize those who give you answers that are "flawed and where
glitches were not caught," then I highly suggest that you continue to
"resolve problems by trying various alternatives," because I can speak
very loudly for the community and say that you would never be welcome
here with an attitude like that, unless your words haven't properly
captured what you're trying to convey.

    This list has people in a wide array of stages in the programming
and development education life-cycle, from "just doing the research"
to "this is the sixth programming language I've truly mastered and use
daily."  Further, everyone here is a VOLUNTEER --- a word that has to
be kept in mind.  If you don't like a response and have a gripe, hire
someone to help you and then you can be more than justified in

> In defense of my non-bimbo-ism, I have may accomplishments to my credit
> so, there... :-P


> And now for the cherry on top of the cake....

    I may agree, I may disagree, or align/counter-align with different
points, but I have no issue in that.  I love the argument of politics
regardless of the angle, if a person is willing to debate back and
forth and not just assert their beliefs as the *only* answer (which
you did not, by the way, you were asserting a well-formed opinion

> That's it! To all who read this... have fun digesting and I hope it
> provokes you all to do some serious thinking. As for me, :-X  .

    It does.  It has me going back to that "for a while here" part at
the beginning.  I'm not sure where the "while" part comes into play,
as you haven't been around very often or for very long.   And in that
time, every post and every response was always professional and
on-track, up to this thread.  Like it or not, some of your questions
were of a 'technologically-juvenile' nature, and the touting of your
"experience" just prodded it further along; if it seems like a joke,
someone is going to laugh.  Note the tenor of the thread up until you
mentioned that you couldn't find the backtick key on the keyboard:
professional, helpful, and to the point.  After that it was still
light, playful, and in jest --- not for you to take to heart, Sally.

    And in the spirit of quoting (a favorite pastime, I see):

        "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open
one's mouth and remove all doubt."

    It's fine to poke and prod people, and I have no problem with it
if done to me in play (I do it to Rob all the time, and he does it
back, for example.... and I would like to think that we work together
in the community just fine.... he's a good guy), but I'll advise you
not to take it personally, and not to in-turn attack the free,
good-faith answers you received from folks in times past.  If you
think that someone's words here make you look like less than how you
see yourself, does it really matter?  Unless they're convincing you,
they'll just be a dead man's words to deaf ears some day.

    The way I see it, life is little more than a game played in a
dream; win or lose, it's still going to end, so enjoy it while it

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