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>>>>>> Right on.  Good comments.
>>>>>> No offense taken and none intended.
>>>>>> I am enoying the list and will continue to participate, if i may.
>>>>>> I have learned a great deal already and really do appreciate the help.
>>>>>     So you mentioned your involvement in television production and
>>>>> briefly touched on cooking shows and such.... what brought you into
>>>>> the insanity of web programming?  New stage in life, or specifically
>>>>> to work on your daughter's site? 
>>>> Her necessity and my curiosity coupled with an interesting challenge. :-)
>>>> After this, there's the other site - that's
>>>> just a start for now... we're aiming for a really great site on food
>>>> that will be instuctional as well as enlightening for all to learn how
>>>> to "really" deal with great food - what it is all "really" about take a
>>>> look at the link below the signature. You might learn something about
>>>> vanilla.
>>>> BTW, we'll be looking for great programmers and designers who will want
>>>> to participate in the "adventure" (as that is what it will be) - we'll
>>>> surely be doing this as a non-profit thing and hope to develop something
>>>> profitable along the way. The startup will require dedication and some
>>>> time with the hope of worthwhile earnings once things are rolling.
>>>> Requirements are: love of food (the real, natural stuff), a hate for
>>>> Monsanto, corn
>>> What?  Monsanto makes great weed killers and what the hell is wrong with
>>> corn?!?!  Have you seriously never roated a cob in the husk over a wood
>>> fire and then submerged the cob into a vat of melted butter?  Plus pigs,
>>> cows and chickens eat it.  Mmmm...
>> Ooooh, boy.... now this is really serious... >:o
>> I think your ignorance will be forgiven, maybe! And this is not meant
>> disparagingly but you'd better find out about Monsanto and corn and how
>> they are probably the greatest destructors of the the environment and
>> our own bodies? Google it and get a hold of some books, like try Michael
>> Pollan; do you have any idea of what Monsanto does and to whom and how?
>> Do you know how corn is destroying whole economies of countries? Corn is
>> sweeping continents because of human greed - it is being used to create
>> all sorts of artificial food ingredients and even to produce petrol
>> (oil) substitutes... even your own body is probably so full of corn
>> derivatives that it is surprising that you haven't turned into a corn
>> cob by now -- especially if you are not paying attention, and I mean
>> great attention, to what you eat... like MacDos and pre-packaged
>> prepared foods... just think for a minute: according to the current
>> business models in just about everything including and especially the
>> food industry... how do you think they boost their profits... certainly
>> not by raising prices... nooooooh, that would not be cool... they just
>> downgrade the quality of the ingredients and the workers so that  if
>> ;you are not eating shit by the time it gets to your enteron (that is a
>> word - one that Enron paid some 6 million smackers fo an agency and then
>> found out that that is the the entire digestive tract right from one
>> input hole to the output hole) :-D , it is a miracle....
>> glad to have this opportunity to rile - that is exactly the kind of
>> thing that we want to do with the site that we are starting to
>> develop... to destroy ignorance about food - to enllighten, inform and
>> teach to have a greater society of well fed and healthy individuals...
>> don't foget, you are what you eat - the name escapes me at the moment,
>> but it was a great French chef of the 18th century who said that...
>> I could go on at great length on that subject... but I have to goet some
>> work done...
> My wife bakes bread from scratch... delicious. I'm so lucky to have such
> an awesome woman. She cooks most meals from basic ingredients. Her
> favourite book is the Joy of Cooking.
That's ok, great for a start... there are so many books out there that are 
really great; but unfortunately there are far more that are done by schlubs and 
total idiots. As Benjie Franklin said, out of 100% you can figure 8% is silver 
and the remaining 2 is gold. And as Julia Child told my wife, "They sure do get 
in our way, don't they!"
It is a rare cookbook that is true and has functional recipes. Too many chefs 
(or rather those that pretend to be) lack the true essence of a great human 
being and that is sharing their knowledge and giving pleasure to others. One of 
the greatest living thefs is a froggie by the name of Michel Kerever who, last 
I knew, had and probably still has a restaurant in Paris called "Les Deux 
Colonnes"; he has a book out of some 600 pages with no illustrations and all 
his recipes work. A miracle.
If we keep this thread going, you will indeed learn "whoami"...heh...heh...heh 
LOL  ;-)  :-D  8-) 

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