Virgilio Quilario wrote:
I'm working on learning php and have been toying with includes, and I am
trying to figure the advantages/disadvantages to using them.

I know that using them eliminates the need to "put" the files once altered
as with a template, however, is that the only advantage.

My particular concerns are with SEO and if the search engines and the bots
can read the page if it is made completely on includes?

Any and all comments would be appreciated.

hi Gary,

It doesn't matter to SEO because search engines and the bots reads the
output of your php scripts.
whatever you see when you browse your page, same thing bots would see.

Includes is a way to modularize your scripts instead of monolithic or
repeated codes everywhere in your php file.


everybody is correct, "include" = "server side include" - all happens on the server, client never knows

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