>Thank you to everybody that replied...but it almost seems it is making

>I can understand using an include for a menu, since they tend to change

>often and it is on every page, but the normal content I am not
>the benefit.  If I have a page that has unique content on it, that is
to say 
>no other page has this content, why would I want to create a separate
>to be included on the page, why would I not simple put the content
>on the page itself?

>What is the best type of file to be used as an include (.txt, .php).

>Thanks again for all your help.

There are some circumstances where that could be useful. I don't do it
often, but one site I made a while ago was based on a standard main page
with the content "included" in. The content pages then had absolutely
nothing except the unique text, so that redesigns to the site were made
easier in the futurem, because only one page needed to be edited. So the
entire site was based around a page.php?ID=x with the ID specifying the
include required.

Such as an example might be a little out of date now, what with CSS and
so forth, but it was useful at the time.

If I am including a file with password details, I usually make it
something random (.inc, .sec, whatever) and hide it away somewhere

""Gary"" <gwp...@ptd.net> wrote in message 
> I'm working on learning php and have been toying with includes, and I
> trying to figure the advantages/disadvantages to using them.
> I know that using them eliminates the need to "put" the files once
> as with a template, however, is that the only advantage.
> My particular concerns are with SEO and if the search engines and the
> can read the page if it is made completely on includes?
> Any and all comments would be appreciated.
> Gary

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