O.K., I may get a back lash.. but I can't resist
making a very small plug here for our server side
language, WebDNA.
Here is the same code in WebDNA:

The Form:
[loop start=1&end=3]
  <input name="go_[index]" value="" />

The Recieving page code (loop):
[formvariables name=go_&exact=F]

The URL:

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of PHP, but
WebDNA could use a little notoriety.. ;-) so I couldn't
resist! ..Hope nobody is offended.


  D. BROOKE                       EUCA Design Center
                               WebDNA Software Corp.
  WEB:> http://www.euca.us  |   http://www.webdna.us

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