tedd wrote:
No problem here -- I'm open to all languages.

The OP posted his question on a php list and that's the reason why I responded with a php solution.

Now, can you show me how to pull data from a mysql database so that the input statements can be created dynamically?



On the WebDNA side, it's something like this
(form of "names" from a database):

[SQLConnect dbType=MySQL&host=]

[SQLExecute conn_ref=conn1&result_var=rs1]
select firstName from employees;

<form ..>
[SQLResult result_ref=rs1]
  [!] ** Loop through the results of the query ** [/!]
    FirstName [index]:
    <input name="fname_[index]" value="[firstName]"><br>
  <input type="submit" value="submit">

However, like you said, this a PHP list, so I'd better
refrain from any more WebDNA related posts for a while! ;-)
I don't want to upset the powers that be.


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