> I have an interesting situation at the moment... my (slightly sloppy) HTML
> is obviously missing a closing tag here or there but displays fine in opera,
> ie etc however when I try and view it netscape (4.x, windows, linux, any
> platform) netscape just nice and cleanly crashes!! 

you mean like crashing as in really closing down the program? I knew 
Netscape is not very stable but i thought it only happened in windoze 
because MS had built in something anti-competitionishy on purpose to crash 

One of the problems of NS is that if you do not close a table with a 
</table> tag, it just does not show that table. I think they even think they 
protect 'the standards' by doing this. IE is more flexible with such errors.
So it may help to show your page to some html validator (Homesite has a very 
critical validator build in) and see what tag is not closed.

If possible program in such a way that any opened tag is ALWAYS closed. I 
know some programmers have complete html-building-classes and i guess such a 
class may be usefull to prevent such crashes.

(I thought these horrible differences with browsers were only a problem with 
javascript.... not with php. )


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