Yes Netscape will be a problem for poor code and MSIE will not. HTML is very
straightforward like any other language, learn to write it properly and it
will do nothing that surprises you. A requirement for proper syntax is a
good thing in your delivery method (the browser).

PHP will roll over and die if you leave a ';' off the end of a line, but no
one claims it sucks. Don't shoot the messenger....

View the offending page in MSIE, save to file, send to me directly, and I'll
be happy to take a look at it for you. We are a cross platform shop and test
everything on MSIE/Netscape 4+ on Mac, Windows, and Unix/Linux every day.


on 7/8/01 2:52 PM, Christian Calloway at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> I've had the same problem with Netscape, where it would crash/choke on any
> platform. I never figured it out, but it has something to do with Netscape
> choking on your HTML, it has nothing to do with CSS or Javascript or PHP for
> that matter. I'm not an IE fan, but lets face it, Netscape sucks.
> "Tom Carter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> 02bb01c103fe$c51d1ac0$0a00a8c0@bjorn">news:02bb01c103fe$c51d1ac0$0a00a8c0@bjorn...
>> Hi guys,
>> I have an interesting situation at the moment... my (slightly sloppy) HTML
>> is obviously missing a closing tag here or there but displays fine in
> opera,
>> ie etc however when I try and view it netscape (4.x, windows, linux, any
>> platform) netscape just nice and cleanly crashes!! If anyone knows of a
> bug
>> which would cause netscape to do this then please let me know. The code in
>> question is very dynamic (what I mean is that it can vary by quite a lot
>> depending upon many many different things). Its qutie hard to debug,
>> especially seeing as the page returned is browser specific.. the one thing
> I
>> have ruled out is that it is JavaScript.. I removed all of that and no
>> change.
>> Any tips will be helpful... in the meanwhile I'm going to go thru all my
>> functions to attempt to work out what is doing it....  *yawn*
>> TIA
>> Tom.

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