I've had the same problem with Netscape, where it would crash/choke on any
platform. I never figured it out, but it has something to do with Netscape
choking on your HTML, it has nothing to do with CSS or Javascript or PHP for
that matter. I'm not an IE fan, but lets face it, Netscape sucks.

"Tom Carter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi guys,
> I have an interesting situation at the moment... my (slightly sloppy) HTML
> is obviously missing a closing tag here or there but displays fine in
> ie etc however when I try and view it netscape (4.x, windows, linux, any
> platform) netscape just nice and cleanly crashes!! If anyone knows of a
> which would cause netscape to do this then please let me know. The code in
> question is very dynamic (what I mean is that it can vary by quite a lot
> depending upon many many different things). Its qutie hard to debug,
> especially seeing as the page returned is browser specific.. the one thing
> have ruled out is that it is JavaScript.. I removed all of that and no
> change.
> Any tips will be helpful... in the meanwhile I'm going to go thru all my
> functions to attempt to work out what is doing it....  *yawn*
> Tom.

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