Hi Ladies/Gents of the list...

I've got an issue/question and figured I'd fire it to the list.

Over time, I've had a few projects that I've worked on, where I've required
someone with skills way beyond mine for a given area. And rather than spend
hours trying to figure it out, I've sometimes hired someone to aid for a
very short amount of time..

The issues have ranged from serious db optimization, to server security
issues, etc...

I was wondering, I'm assuming that other developers here have had similar
issues. Has anyone thought about doing a group hire of someone with the
advanced skills to solve the particular issue for the problem domain.

IE if enough people have, or know you're going to have mysql questions...
Then we find someone who's good/skilled and more or less have that person on
retainer for the group. This of course depends on how many people would want
to use the person's skills, and how often we'd need the person, and other

I figured that I'd post here to see what the list thinks/thought.. etc...


ps. And no, I have no one in mind, and this isn't an around the way
solicitation for $$$/work!!! (for all you cynics out there!!)

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