did you read the entire msg.. this isn't/wasn't a hunt for someone for a

please re-read..

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bruce wrote:
> Hi Ladies/Gents of the list...
> I've got an issue/question and figured I'd fire it to the list.
> Over time, I've had a few projects that I've worked on, where I've
> someone with skills way beyond mine for a given area. And rather than
> hours trying to figure it out, I've sometimes hired someone to aid for a
> very short amount of time..
> The issues have ranged from serious db optimization, to server security
> issues, etc...
> I was wondering, I'm assuming that other developers here have had similar
> issues. Has anyone thought about doing a group hire of someone with the
> advanced skills to solve the particular issue for the problem domain.
> IE if enough people have, or know you're going to have mysql questions...
> Then we find someone who's good/skilled and more or less have that person
> retainer for the group. This of course depends on how many people would
> to use the person's skills, and how often we'd need the person, and other
> issues...
> I figured that I'd post here to see what the list thinks/thought.. etc...

You can post job requests for stuff like this on, and I'm sure hundreds of other places.

I don't think this list is the appropriate place for it really but
that's just my opinion.

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