At 9:20 PM -0400 4/27/09, Paul M Foster wrote:
I noticed that, too. But I have to say, this is one of the coolest sites
I've ever seen. If you wanted to convince someone (a prospect) you could
do something, this site would do it. Next time I talk to a prospect, I'm
gonna call myself Tedd and refer them to this site. ;-}



Thanks.  :-)

But that's one of the points here and that is to have something you can show a client that you've done. Keep in mind, that it's better to have them in your office so you can control what they see and guide them through your examples. But if nothing else, you can show them something you've done without showing a client's site.

I don't like showing client sites because: a) the site is not usually 100% yours; b) some of the sites I've worked on I don't want to be associated with (horrible front ends); c) and sometimes prospective clients want to contact your past employers and you may not want that.

For example, your past client may not want to be contacted -- after all, it's their time -- what are you doing wasting their time? Also, who knows what they are going to say? Even good clients who like your service may look at someone inquiring as to your service and think "Hey, what happens when I need something and my programmer is working for them?" Belive me it happens.

So, my recommendation is keep your experience and examples under your control.




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