On Tue, 28 Apr 2009 10:40:31 -0500, "Jay Blanchard" <jblanch...@pocket.com>
> Our company wants to do e-mail verification and does not want to use the
> requests / response method (clicking a link in the e-mail to verify the
> address), which as we all know is the only way you can be truly sure. I
> found this;
> http://verify-email.org/
> Which seems to be the next best deal and it is written in PHP. Has
> anyone used this? Is anyone doing something similar? How do you handle
> errors? I know that some domains will not accept these requests.
> I think that this method would really work for us and cut down on the
> bogus e-mail addresses we're receiving though. Thoughts?

Just tested this with two of my mailservers and it is not reliable. One
server does say that a mailbox/alias exists while the other doesn't do this
to protect against address harvesting.

However, you could use it in combination with other methods like sending a
confirmation code with a link, a better captcha check like balancing
rotated photos or recognizing objects, MX and SPF records check (if
available) and match against public black/graylists. Define a score for
each method, when the total score gets above a certain threshold you flag
it as invalid.


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