The SMTP or POP3 protocol (cant remember which) used to support the
ability to connect to the server and verify if a username exists
before delivering the mail.  But this feature was abused and was used
for spamming so it is now disabled on all major servers (it's probably
disabled by default in all servers anyway).

There is no way to verify (without sending an email) if the email will
be received in a mailbox.


On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 11:40 AM, Jay Blanchard <> wrote:
> Our company wants to do e-mail verification and does not want to use the
> requests / response method (clicking a link in the e-mail to verify the
> address), which as we all know is the only way you can be truly sure. I
> found this;
> Which seems to be the next best deal and it is written in PHP. Has
> anyone used this? Is anyone doing something similar? How do you handle
> errors? I know that some domains will not accept these requests.
> I think that this method would really work for us and cut down on the
> bogus e-mail addresses we're receiving though. Thoughts?
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