2009/4/28 Jay Blanchard <jblanch...@pocket.com>:
> Our company wants to do e-mail verification and does not want to use the
> requests / response method (clicking a link in the e-mail to verify the
> address), which as we all know is the only way you can be truly sure. I
> found this;
> http://verify-email.org/
> Which seems to be the next best deal and it is written in PHP. Has
> anyone used this? Is anyone doing something similar? How do you handle
> errors? I know that some domains will not accept these requests.

They don't even detect greylisting!

> I think that this method would really work for us and cut down on the
> bogus e-mail addresses we're receiving though. Thoughts?

There's just one way: let the users confirm with an activation link.
People often insert their addresses wrong without noticing it..
example: www.myal...@mydomain.org instead of myal...@mydomain.org,
aol.<DE|UK|NL|FR|etc> instead of aol.com and so on.

So ... nothing like "insert your mail twice" or "re-check your address
please" actually works. ;)

On the other hand: Douple-opt-In is quite like an industry standard -
why wouldn't your firm use it? It makes customers happy as well as
"not-customers" because people can't use their addressess to sign-up.
I hate getting other peoples email.


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