on 04/28/2009 12:40 PM Jay Blanchard said the following:
> Our company wants to do e-mail verification and does not want to use the
> requests / response method (clicking a link in the e-mail to verify the
> address), which as we all know is the only way you can be truly sure. I
> found this;
> http://verify-email.org/
> Which seems to be the next best deal and it is written in PHP. Has
> anyone used this? Is anyone doing something similar? How do you handle
> errors? I know that some domains will not accept these requests.
> I think that this method would really work for us and cut down on the
> bogus e-mail addresses we're receiving though. Thoughts?

This is exactly what this Open Source PHP class does since many years
ago, except that this class can handle grey listing responses.


Basically it returns 3 possible responses: valid, invalid, and
undetermined. Valid, means the SMTP server would accept the message
(although it may reject it later). Invalid means the SMTP server would
reject the message. Undetermined means that for message would not be
accepted now, but could be accepted later, which is usually what servers
that implement greylisting cause.


Manuel Lemos

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