Tom Worster wrote:
On 4/28/09 4:05 PM, "Reese" <> wrote:

Granted, this isn't a PHP question but I'm curious, how does UTF-8 solve
this display issue?

if we're talking about web browsers, they are quite good at automatically
choosing fonts that can display the unicode characters it finds in a page.

Right, and I figured out the bit that was confusing me earlier: years
ago, I read that some encodings such as &#0147; and &#0148; (curly
quotes) should not be used, that &#8220; and &#8221; should be used
instead. I misremembered that, when I looked at the utf-8 charset here:

I stand apprised and enlightened. I found the encodings for letters G
with breve, S with cedilla, and lower case I w/out the dot, too.


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