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> Since I have to use a number of Western languages that have those
> annoying accents on many characters, I am already finding some
> annoyances in my code results; like having to enter the &aacute; type of
> stuff in inputs for searches & queries.

the sooner you quit this bad habit the better. utf-8 is the solution.

> MySql db is set up for InnoDB with latin1_swedish_ci for Collation; I
> believe this is default.
> Utf-8 seems to be one way to overcome the problems, but is it the only
> way - seems a little cumbersome as I have no need for oriental & other
> extra-terrestrial cyphers. (I'm incorrigibly lazy.)

i know no reasonable alternative.

in mysql, converting your tables is easy.

> If it is the only way, what difficulties could I expect from an ISP
> hosting a virtual site?

the difficulties are most likely to arise with non-mbstring-safe functions
your php code may be using.

when i converted my site to utf-8 after 5 years of running latin-1, i spent
a few days combing through each string function to determine if it was
mbsafe or not (many are not) and if not, what to use instead. if the host
has the mbstring extension then you're job may be a lot easier (assuming
you're willing to recode your app to depend on an extension that isn't
present in all runtime environments). if not, then you'll work harder to
find work-arounds.

i made a list of notes as i was working on the conversion, including a list
of my notes on about 90 string functions. i could post them here if that
would be of interest.

here, at least, are the web pages i referred to:


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