Tom Worster wrote:

why use SGML character entity references in a utf-8 file or stream? can't
you just put the character in the file?

Because, I thought, HTML files were basically just text files with
different file extensions, and that those other characters would not
store or display properly if saved in .txt format. Was I mistaken?

That is supposed to be a UTF-8 encoded text file, between 1/3 and 1/2
of the characters do not display correctly on my screen. Either way,
this next link suggests that Turkish characters with no equivalent in
the English language should be encoded for Web display:

And because that is off-topic, I'll throw this in:

The consensus seems to be that the proposed "ifset()" and "ifempty()"
functions are more effort than they are worth. What I'd like to know
is, why "empty()" still exists when every time I turn around, the
mentors I turn to locally tell me not to use it, to use "isset()"
instead. Because empty() doesn't work with zero. Anyone care to take
a stab at that?


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