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Exactly what are the advantages of using utf-8? How will it solve my
actually, i have no idea because i have no idea what problem you are trying
to solve and i apologize for presumptuous. i presumed that you have a php
app with a bunch of data in mysql and you needed to handle international
characters in the db beyond latin-1.
I think you hit the nail on the head, except I dont need any of those
weird foreign pictograms and scribbles ;-)
I'm only using English ( the most difficult, of course), French(a bit
twisted), Italian(a bit slanted, German(lots of options), Swedish(cold,
cold), Portugese(oh, boy) and maybe some other Western European variety.
"We do try to be civilized, don't we?"
So, in the end, utf-8 may not be so important for me after all. All
seems to be working just fine.
I think I'll upload the stuff to the real site and we can all have a
bash at it. 8-)

Use utf8

I don't know about your bsd keyboard map issues, but everything should be done in utf8 these days, there's no point in using latin1 anymore.

It's not about the ability to use the Hebrew or Character set, it's about using a standard encoding that works everywhere and is the future of PHP anyway.

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