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> I know of no better place to ask. This may not be strictly a PHP issue,
> but...
> I am busting my hump trying to format rather large input pages with CSS
> and trying to avoid tables; but it looks to me like I am wasting my time
> as positioning with CSS seems an impossibly tortuous exercise. I've
> managed to do some pages with CSS, but I feel like I am shooting myself
> in the foot or somewhere...
> Perhaps I am too demanding. I know that with tables, the formatting is
> ridiculously fast.
> Any thoughts, observations or recommendations?

there's a strong and vocal online faction advocating that tables should be
avoided, especially for layout. it can get pretty extreme. there are
influential voices that will denounce any <div> that's used for other than
semantic structure and then gets styled. it took me ages to realize that
this isn't really very practical (at least not since ie5 became obsolete)
and stop feeling that i was using bad practices.

for one thing, a table is a great way of representing relations
(http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Relation.html). data tables are the canonical
example but very often a form's structure is a relation, e.g. between labels
and input fields, or between multiple input fields.

some of the best designed and behaving web sites i know use tables in ways
that a list apart would consider heathen.

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