At 2:06 PM -0400 5/15/09, Tom Worster wrote:
for one thing, a table is a great way of representing relations
( data tables are the canonical
example but very often a form's structure is a relation, e.g. between labels
and input fields, or between multiple input fields.

some of the best designed and behaving web sites i know use tables in ways
that a list apart would consider heathen.

Heresy!  :-)

However, there are occasions such as in a calendar where not using a table would be more than difficult. I haven't received a decree yet as to IF that would be considered column data or not.

I have, and continue to use, tables for forms. The main reason given for not using tables is because they are not considered accessible by those with disabilities. However, people with disabilities generally don't have any problems with forms if the forms are properly labeled. So, I think that's acceptable, but am sure heathen in css terms.

But whenever/wherever I can, I try to avoid using tables -- especially in layouts.




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