On Fri, 2009-05-15 at 15:12 -0400, HallMarc Websites wrote:
> Um... sorry to jump in as a late arrival yet there you go....
> What limitations? You could provide a layered layout using CSS and png
> graphic format. As for setting up columns check out float and clear and
> you're all set. TABLE, TR, TD, TBODY, etc were never intended to be used in
> the manner we see today. If you are blind and you hit a site with a mess of
> nested tables then.. well you might leave because of the garbage you have to
> listen to when the page loads. Speaking of which, correct me if I am wrong
> and my info is out of date but TABLEs are loaded one at a time by browsers
> and cause longer load times than necessary.
> All in CSS is the way to go. CSS3 will make our lives easier and will
> contain so many new features that it will be released in batches (modules)
> Sorry, I just couldn't read that statement about CSS being limited without
> speaking up.

You must have missed the part about flexible width. Tell me how I
prevent floated divs with alpha png backgrounds from revealing the
underlying fill background alpha transparency PNG? I'd love to know.
CSS3 will make our lives easier once it's fully supported by all major
browser vendors... are you going to hit MS with a stick to get them

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