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> Um... sorry to jump in as a late arrival yet there you go....
> What limitations? You could provide a layered layout using CSS and png
> graphic format. As for setting up columns check out float and clear and
> you're all set. TABLE, TR, TD, TBODY, etc were never intended to be used in
> the manner we see today. If you are blind and you hit a site with a mess of
> nested tables then.. well you might leave because of the garbage you have to
> listen to when the page loads. Speaking of which, correct me if I am wrong
> and my info is out of date but TABLEs are loaded one at a time by browsers
> and cause longer load times than necessary.

Tables do take longer to load. The browser has to do a lot of math to
determine how wide to make cells, etc. I don't know how this compares
with CSS divs and such, speed wise.

> All in CSS is the way to go. CSS3 will make our lives easier and will
> contain so many new features that it will be released in batches (modules)

No doubt. But if history is any guide, it will be quite some time before
browsers support a new standard. In fact, browsers typically fail to
support existing standards fully.


Paul M. Foster

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