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On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 08:40:33PM +0100, Nathan Rixham wrote:

> tedd wrote:
>> At 11:28 PM +0100 5/15/09, Nathan Rixham wrote:
>>> tedd wrote:
>>>> However, there are occasions such as in a calendar where not using a
>>>> table would be more than difficult. I haven't received a decree yet
>>>> as to IF that would be considered column data or not.
>>> I'm gonna differ on this one, when you simply float each calender item
>>> to the left you're pretty much done, in many cases i find it easier
>>> than tables.
>> Okay -- so you find them easier to use for this purpose.
>> This is my little php calendar (not all the code is mine):
>> http://php1.net/my-php-calendar/
>> and I use tables.
>> I would not want to redo this script using pure css, but I probably will
>> do it at some point. We all have investments into our code.
>> Do you have a css calendar to show?
> hi tedd,
> didn't have one to hand so quickly knocked up a basic one here:
> http://programphp.com/Calendar/
> all sizes etc are in em so it'll fully resize - you'll see in the source
> anyways - all css.
> have to say it's not great but it's just a quick demo to show it's more
> than possible.

Seems that CSS calendar script is only working in IE8 and the latest Firefox
(didn't check it on earlier versions of FF) everything else showed layout
issues. Not bad for a "quick throw together" though.

As far as Semantics et al. The next 2 years the web will be shifting into
newer directions, become much more robust and "intelligent". Obviously it
isn't a true intelligence yet. Things like Wolfram Alpha are still to be
seen. I hear a lot of hype regarding this new Google killer yet until I see

Web 3.0 (or the true 2.0 depending on who you ask) will change how many of
use view and develop for the WWW. I hope there are some serious back room
discussions on the laws of robotics. :)

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