There appears to be a bug in the FF3x cell line generating code. border-collapse is a mess, it doubles up some cell lines and drops others when drawing and redrawing tables.

I had to make a nice lines between cells by assigning tds with bottom and right sides only.


Jessi Berkelhammer wrote:
This post is another one that might be better asked on a CSS-list, but it is relevant to this thread.

The calendar at seems to have a similar issue to a problem I am having----cell borders (sometimes) disappear in Firefox when you zoom out. In both this calendar and mine, the behavior is unpredictable---sometimes a border will be there, and other times not. In my case, I have a javascript mouseover, and the mouseover changes the border behavior below it.

Does anybody have any experience with this?


tedd wrote:
At 11:28 PM +0100 5/15/09, Nathan Rixham wrote:
tedd wrote:
However, there are occasions such as in a calendar where not using a table would be more than difficult. I haven't received a decree yet as to IF that would be considered column data or not.

I'm gonna differ on this one, when you simply float each calender item to the left you're pretty much done, in many cases i find it easier than tables.

Okay -- so you find them easier to use for this purpose.

This is my little php calendar (not all the code is mine):

and I use tables.

I would not want to redo this script using pure css, but I probably will do it at some point. We all have investments into our code.

Do you have a css calendar to show?



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