At 4:24 PM -0700 5/18/09, Michael A. Peters wrote:
tedd wrote:
In most technical things you are right, but here I have to agree with Paul. The user is king -- you must to design for them regardless of their browser of choice -- even if their choice is a bad one.

You must design for a standard that is fairly well supported.
At this point in time, html 4.01 and xhtml 1.1 are fairly well supported.

At least time, most features of CSS 2.1 are fairly well supported.

IE 6 maybe not, but users still using IE 6 are usually either on a government machine or don't have very big wallets and therefore are not a financial loss to ignore.

If your content is what they are looking for, they will use an appropriate browser. If your content is easily accessible elsewhere, you need to start looking at a way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack and make the user want to use your site.

That will draw you far more users than coding for archaic buggy browsers will.

No, you design for all browsers that have a significant following. Significant is up to you.



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