tedd wrote:
At 4:05 AM +0100 5/18/09, Nathan Rixham wrote:
Paul M Foster wrote:
And by the way, this attitude of "My code is fine; your browser sucks;
upgrade" can be the worst kind of arrogance, and people react to it
exactly as though it were arrogance. There used to be the same kind of
attitude with regard to screen resolution. 640x480 was just so "80s",
and *all* the latest monitors supported 1280x1024 or whatever. So we
design for 1280x1024 and screw those Luddite users. I would agree if
someone's using Netscape 4; you'd have to kindly break it to them that
they really should upgrade. But beyond that, it gets gray.


yeah - major difference being that upgrading your web browser if free, and as we well know you can have multiple browsers installed with no problems.

I understand what you are saying, but if 50%+ of the worlds web developers simply cut support for x, y & z browser (or displayed a limited site with a notice) then I think the old browsers may just go away (90%). eg if google, facebook, msn, ebay, yahoo all cut support for them..


In most technical things you are right, but here I have to agree with Paul. The user is king -- you must to design for them regardless of their browser of choice -- even if their choice is a bad one.

There are places/companies where they do not want to upgrade because of the problems and cost of upgrading. There are managers who believe "Everything works. There's no reason to upgrade". I know a lot of people who are frozen in time with their computer system because it has reached it's technological end. Also, many don't have the money to upgrade and to some, our discarded systems are the only things they can afford. What do we do with them -- discard them as well?

According to my stats, IE 6 has a popularity of around 15 percent and that is dropping at around one percent per month. At some point, IE6 will fall to IE5 levels (< 1%) and we won't have to consider it any longer regardless. But until then, any responsible web developer should accommodate IE 6 regardless of it's shortcomings.



sadly I agree - and that's what I do as well, because I have to - but I don't want to and loathe every minute of it :p

there's nothing that makes me cringe as much as a client mailing me saying "my wifes cousin was just on the site and she said the sites doesn't look right", then after 2 days of communication I find its because they're on ie5.5 or something worse; and one feels compelled to do it gratis.

I'm not going to rant - but yup you're right ted we have to - just part of me wanted fifteen thousand developers to reply going "I agree, I am hither too not supporting anything before ie7" - we can dream!


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