I'm giving a PHP course next semester (3 hours all saturdays for 22 weeks)
and I just realized that PHP 5.3 is coming very soon (2 days now!). So, my
plans of teaching PHP 5.2 are starting to change, and I think it's a good
idea to teach them 5.3 already.

While the majority of the students use Windows, I'm aware that a vast amount
will be using Ubuntu/Debian (and some use Gentoo, Fedora and Arch)
distributions of Linux, so I'm hoping there won't be too many problems on
installation. I don't want to waste the entire first class fixing
installation problems, because that kills the student's motivation.

The course starts on August, but I'm preparing it during the last two weeks
of July. You think that installation packages will be bulletproof by then?
Or should I just teach 5.2 and wait for another semester before starting on
5.3? I mean, most hosts will remain with PHP 5.2 for the rest of the year,
so I'm a bit confused on what I should do.

I'm just a university student that wants to spread PHP, for I've been using
it for many years now =)

Thanks for the advices,

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