Robert Cummings wrote:

> Per Jessen wrote:
>>> Coming to a PHP 5.3 near you are the following notable features:
>>>      - namespaces
>>>      - closures
>>>      - late static binding
>>>      - garbage collector to handle cyclic references
>>>      - PHAR
>>>      - goto
>> I hadn't actually seen/studied the list, but apart from the goto, I
>> don't consider any of those revolutionary :-)
> Revolutionary, no. Major changes for PHP, yes! Major shifts in
> development practices for PHP... it depends on who you are or where
> you work, but certainly some of these will mark changes in development
> for many people.

Yes, I do see that - it won't mean much to my own PHP development, which
is probably clouding my view.  


Per Jessen, Zürich (13.4°C)

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